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Blonde's Despicable Attack on Marilyn's Happiness: The DiMaggios

In Blonde , Marilyn is portrayed as a lamb going to the slaughter wherever she goes, whether walking into the studios to get raped, onto a set to have a panic attack, into her own dressing room to be read the abuse she’s receiving in fan letters, or even visiting her husband’s relatives who shamelessly and openly mock her. I want to concentrate on the latter specifically. While I was shocked by the former, the many reviews discussing the upset and reading the book had prepared me. What I wasn’t prepared for however, was for the deliberate cruelty inflicted on Marilyn in the most trivial of settings. Let this be known: Marilyn was adored by her in-laws. Both the DiMaggios and the Millers accepted Marilyn with open arms. They loved her. They respected her. Marilyn kept a very close relationship with Isidore Miller until she passed. When Marilyn was staying at her in-laws’, Blonde chose to depict their ruthless meanness. She’s mocked for her hair, doesn’t know what a boiled egg is (serio